Who is Ken Gibson?

- Ken has completed training by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to administer standardized field sobriety tests.

- Ken is a member in good standing with the State Bar of Texas.

- Ken is a member of the Austin Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Association.

- Ken is a member of the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Association.

- Ken is a member of The National DWI College

- Ken has a Juris Doctor degree.

- Ken has attended the Robert F. Borkenstein Course on Alcohol and Highway Safety, Testing, Research and Legislation taught at the Indiana University. This is the same course the prosecutor?s expert attended. As a result of this training, Ken is able to better contest any Intoxilyzer evidence that the prosecutor attempts to introduce.

- Ken has completed training under the Department of Transportation Guidelines as an Intoxilyzer 5000 Operator and Technician. This training gives him the knowledge to know the strengths and weaknesses of this particular Intoxilyzer. Further, Ken can use this knowledge to better defend you.

- Ken owns his own Intoxilyzer 5000s. If you provided a breath test at the jail this is the same model Intoxilyzer that the police used.

- Ken spends time each month researching the latest cases, legal treatises, scientific literature, and articles on the subject of drunk driving defense allowing him to be on the cutting edge of DWI defense at all times.

- DUI Help Member

- Ken is doggedly independent, and believes in challenging everything for his clients’ defense to be successful.

- As a matter of course, he is ready to fight your case, when appropriate by bombarding the County Attorney with extensive pre-trial motions, demonstrative evidence, photographs, witness testimony, videos, defense experts, essential cross-examination of the prosecution’s witnesses, and, of course, your testimony.

- Ken focuses on criminal cases with the emphasis of his practice devoted to DWI cases. He focuses on cases in Williamson, Travis and Hays Counties.

If having your license and your freedom play a large part in your life, call for help now **(512) 469-6056**.