Immediate Get Out of Jail Assistance for Friend or Family

Call **(512) 469-6056** or **toll free 866 469-6056**.

Most DWI arrests are made at night time (for obvious reasons). Therefore, I have attorneys on call 24 hours a day to assist you in securing someone?s release from jail.

If a person is arrested at night for DWI in Travis County, the only way for them to be released that same night is to hire an attorney to do a Hobby release.

In Travis County, when a person is arrested for DWI after midnight, no bond can be set, because the judge that sets bonds is not available. Unlike some counties, Travis County does not have a magistrate available 24/7. Travis County is unique in that it has a mechanism where a person, provided they meet certain criteria, can be released to the custody of an attorney, with the understanding that the person will return the next day to complete the necessary paperwork. This release is called a “Hobby Release” (named after former Lieutenant Governor William “Bill” Hobby) and is the only way out of jail for this person that night.

To secure a Hobby Release, one of my on call attorneys will meet you (the outside contact) at the jail, and make arrangements with the Sheriff?s Office to release your friend or family member to you that night. You must also promise to wait until they are released to take them home. (They were just arrested a few hours earlier for DWI, the Sheriff?s Office will, obviously, not let them drive.)

After the Defendant is released, and taken home by his friend or family member, he must meet the attorney back at the courthouse before noon the next day. The attorney will make arrangements for this. The defendant is NOT going back to jail. The attorney, however, must finish all the requirements for bond. The attorney meets with the judge to have the bond amount set. Then the attorney arranges for an approved bond from the County Bonding Office. Then the attorney meets with the judge again, and gets the judge to sign or approve the bond.

It may sound rather time consuming, but the attorneys on call for me are very experienced at helping folks get out of jail. Usually the time the defendant has to remain at the courthouse the next day is an hour or less. And in the mean time, he has already been released from jail.

If you need immediate assistance helping a friend or family member get out of jail, please call **(512) 469-6056** or **toll free 866 469-6056**.