Moving to New Mexico with a DWI Just Got Trickier…

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson recently signed an unorthodox bill that would require convicted drunk drivers who move to New Mexico from other states to install ignition interlocks in their vehicles before receiving a New Mexico driver’s license.

An interlock would be required for those convicted of driving while intoxicated in other states on or after June 17, 2005. The legislation requires that the device be installed for a period of one year for a first conviction, two years for a second conviction, three years for a third, or for life for fourth time offenders!

The device basically prevents a driver from operating a vehicle if the individual has been drinking. A driver must blow into the device before starting the vehicle and then again randomly after that.

“Fighting DWI is my top priority and these new laws will make life tougher for drivers with out-of-state DWI convictions and tighten rules to ease DWI prosecutions,” Richardson said in a news release.

This new law will certainly place added burden and expense on any individual convicted of driving while intoxicated who attempts to get a New Mexico driver’s license.

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