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TABC didn’t learn their lesson with their battle with Dallas Night Club. Now they are going after the Co-Op Bar.

KVUE reported that the Co-Op Bar, formerly known as Wylie’s, on 6th Street bar in Austin is under fire from state agents who want it closed. The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission alleges that the Co-Op Bar is a public safety hazard.

TABC is reporting that the Co-Op Bar has a history of violations. After a bouncer died in the back in January after a fight outside the club, TABC decided to take action.

TABC believes that the Co-Op is worse than the other bars in the city.

“Several intoxication issues and several issues with minors and breaches of the peace seem to be the recurring problem at this location,” said Lieutenant Robert Saenz, with TABC.

Saenz said the agency tried working with the Co-Op Bar, but to no avail.

“We feel like this location has had ample time and opportunity to clean up their act. Therefore we are recommending cancellation (of their license) due to their history of serious violations,” he said.

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