DWI and Concealed Handgun Licenses

The Texas Government Code Section GC 411.172, spells out who is and who is not eligible for a Concealed Handgun License. There are restrictions and rules for those who have been convicted of a DWI. Below you will find the eligibility requirements and limitations.

In order to be eligible for a concealed handgun license, you must be resident of Texas for at least 6 months, be at least 21 years of age and not a convicted felon. At the time of the application, you cannot be charged with the commission of a Class A or Class B Misdemeanor, such as a DWI, or offense under Section 42.01, Penal Code or a felony under information or indictment. Furthermore, a person can not be considered chemically dependant and can not in the past 5 years preceding the date of the application have been CONVICTED of a Class A or Class B Misdemeanor. Further, if a person has been convicted 2 (two) times within the 10 year period preceding the date on which a person applies for this concealed handgun license of a Class B Misdemeanor or greater that involves the use of alcohol or controlled substance as a element of the offense, such as DWI, the person is not eligible for a concealed gun license under this subchapter at all.

Also, if a person is deemed chemically dependant, whether evidenced by a conviction or other evidence, they may also be disqualified from obtaining a concealed handgun license.

What can seem like “just a DWI,” can have long lasting ramifications.