Saving Your License

If you drive after losing your license, you will be arrested for a new criminal charge, your license can be suspended for additional time, and the fact you drove while your license was suspended may be admissible in your DWI case.

**If you are here on a visa, you could be deported, if you drive without a license:** If you are convicted of driving without a license after you have lost it due to an alcohol offense, it will be considered a crime of moral turpitude and you may be deported. Do not drive until you have your license is returned to you. You are under revocation until then.

If you are convicted of an alcohol offense and sentenced to 365 days or more, it is considered a crime of violence and you may be deported. This includes any suspended sentence.

### What can I do to save my Texas Driver’s license?

1. First and foremost, hire an experienced attorney. There are many factors to consider.

2. Request a hearing and request the officer’s presence. It will give you a preview of a trial, a rarity in criminal cases. If you hire us, we will ensure that the officer who conducted any field sobriety tests and the officer who pulled you over show up and justify their actions. Other officers may be subpoenaed. The breath test supervisor can be forced to show up and justify the results of any breath test.

3. The license hearings are conducted under strict rules and you can win if D.P.S. does not follow the rules.

4. If a blood test, retest the sample. Testing errors may save your license.

5. Investigate the adequacy of the stop. The officer must have had a reasonable suspicion that a crime or traffic infraction was being committed.

6. Investigate the adequacy of the arrest and request for a test. The officer must have developed a reasonable belief that you were impaired by alcohol.

7. Check the times of events. Officers must perform the tests within certain guidelines.

8. Check the labeling of the sample. It must be identified as being yours.

**BEWARE: INTERNATIONAL DRIVER’S LICENCES:** If you have been revoked in Texas, you can not drive here on any other license. If you have a valid license from somewhere else, you may be able to drive in other jurisdictions. Check with local counsel. Some international licenses are legitimate. Others are not. You could be charged with a felony for possessing fraudulent documents. No means no!