DWI Conviction Can Limit Travel

Many countries classify any “crime” as a reason to refuse (or limit) entry into their country. The overwhelming majority (over 96%) of DWI convictions are misdemeanors (offenses generally punishable by a jail term of one year or less). Felony DWI offenses are usually reserved for either repeat offenders or offenders causing death or serious injury in a collision.

Some nations, like Canada, classify ALL crimes as “offenses,” and will limit or bar admission for any purpose if a CONVICTION is on your criminal record. This is an excellent reason to FIGHT your DWI case, and hire an experienced DWI Trial Attorney.

Typically, foreign governments will be more prone to a total ban for travel if the offense is a felony. If a lesser charge, such as a misdemeanor, there may be a 5 year or longer “window” for them to restrict or limit travel.

Often, your DWI Lawyer will need to associate an immigration attorney to facilitate an application for limited admission to the country where you plan to travel. Give plenty of time for this to be done, because applications can take months.