DWI Dismissed

My client was arrested for DWI in Austin, Texas by an officer with the Austin Police Department. The officer reported that my client cut across two lanes of heavy traffic without signaling then struck a guardrail on the highway entrance with enough force to deploy both of the airbags in her vehicle.

My client REFUSED THE BREATH TEST AND THE STANDARDIZED FIELD SOBRIETY TESTS (SFSTs), which she knew she had a right to refuse.

The officer reported that my client had slurred speech, red, glassy eyes and a strong odor of alcohol emitting from her breath. The officer said my client admitted to having a couple of glasses of wine, one beer and one mixed drink. The officer stated that my client refused to perform any of the SFSTs.

We took the case to court and let the State know that we were going to fight. Eventually the prosecutor agreed to DISMISS THE DWI and my client pled to a non-DWI offense, which will allow us to have the DWI completely erased from her record.

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