Austin Police Officers Disciplined

In an Austin KXAN exclusive, we’ve learned APD disciplined a number of Austin cops last month for doing things the police chief calls either “inappropriate” or “dangerous.”

Austin Police are constantly asking you not speed or run red lights because something bad could happen.

According to police documents, Officer Darren Carver, driving a marked police car, was at the intersection of San Jacinto and 8th Street when he ran a red light causing a multi-car crash. Carver was not on his way to an emergency call.

“I drive out here all the time and see them speed and run red lights,” cab driver John Makinson said.

APD Chief Stan Knee says, due to Officer Carver’s failure to operate his vehicle in a careful and prudent manner, four vehicles were damaged. Fortunately there were only minor injuries.

Officer Carver was suspended for one day.

Then there’s Officer Joshua Visi sued by movie star Jason Patric last week for unlawful arrest and cleared in court.

But according to a police document, we learned Officer Visi was accused of wrongdoing, inappropriate behavior this past July when he stopped a woman around 11:30 p.m. and gave her a traffic ticket. That wasn’t the problem.

According to the chief’s memo, the next day Officer Visi called the violator to discuss the various options of handling the citation. It was inappropriate. Sources say the officer invited the woman to a party and attempted to have the ticket dismissed in a manner not authorized by policy.

Officer Visi was suspended for 12 days.

Other police officers were suspended last month for doing things on Austin streets you might find equally shocking.

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