New cell phone has built-in breathalyzer

UPI reported that a cell phone with a built-in alcohol breath analyzer is headed to the United States from South Korea, where more than 200,000 of the devices already been sold.

South Korean manufacturer LG will introduce the LP4100 to the U.S. market later this year, ABC News reported.

Users blow into a small spot on the phone, and of nothing happens they are theoretically safe to drive. But if the user has had too much to drink, the $400 phone displays the image of a weaving car on the screen.

The report did not indicate what alcohol threshold was set in the phone.

To help the drinker, the phone can be programmed to disallow calls to selected numbers in the electronic phone book after certain hours, thereby preventing embarrassing late-night or early-morning inebriated calls to bosses and ex-partners, the report said.

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