New Rule for Alcohol in Travis County Parks to deter Intoxicated Offenses

KXAN reported that this week, Travis County commissioners approved new rules when it comes to drinking alcohol in local parks.

These new rules will effect 25 popular park areas in the county.

These rules focus on safety. The one that stands out involves alcohol. You can still drink it, but just not in plain sight.

Starting this weekend, if park rangers see a person drinking out of any kind of alcoholic beverage container, he or she will get a warning to pour it in a cup or conceal it. The new rule is supposed to keep people more responsible.

Brandishing beer will prompt rangers to investigate whether or not a person is intoxicated. The aim is to cut down the number of alcohol-related accidents each year.

“If people are going to drink at the lake, they’re going to drink at the lake. Having a plastic cup is not going to deter anyone from drinking, especially if they’re worried about someone drinking to excess,” Jacqui Shine who is visiting Pace Bend said.

Of course, the rules prohibit glass containers. Authorities say they’ll give out warnings for public display of consumption of alcohol for the first 45 days. After that, they will kick people out of the park.

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