Possible New Punishment for 1st time DWI offenders – (a wolf in sheep’s clothing)

The Star-Telegram reports that Texas House bill HB 189 “would allow first time DWI offenders to receive deferred adjudication” if they complete recommended treatment and supervision. However, part of this agreement would also require these first time offenders to have ignition interlock in their vehicles. The bill has many supporters including Mothers Against Drunk Driving. Those who oppose state that local staffs would not have the resources to handle such program. There are kinds of problems with this bill. One of which is that it isn’t truly a “deferred” outcome, because this “deferment” can be used against a person in the future. My fear is that too many attorneys will take the short cut and push their clients into taking this form of punishment, when fighting the case would be in the best interest of their client. I assure you that at my office we will look at this as avenue of last resort. If it was a true “deferment” we would support it, but this is clearly a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

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