Watch out for TABC

Bartenders won’t be the only ones watching what you drink. It’s part of TABC’s “SIPS” effort or Sales to Intoxicated Persons Stings.

It will be happening on Sixth Street and all around Austin.

“Don’t be surprised if the guy in the Hawaiian shirt sitting next you is a TABC agent kind of watching,” Lt. Robert Saenz with the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission said.

“What APD has done for us is not only given us top bars but the nights of the week when arrests have been made,” Saenz said.

They call it the Top 30 list. That’s where they’re focusing their efforts to catch folks who have had too much to drink and the folks selling it to them.

“We understand it’s a difficult venture. We understand it’s an unpopular venture that we’re taking on here, but it’s something that needs to be done,” Saenz said.

Bars aren’t the only place you’ll find undercover TABC officers these days.

They’ll also be at the Austin City Limits Music Festival all this weekend.

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